What happened during I wasn’t here

* * *

So that’s one of the recent events happened during my absence.

I was sittin in the church with all other teens during retreat, when I realised how much energy does the church contain. I could feel it everywhere; the walls, the saint pictures, the ceiling… I couldn’t resist stealing some of this. If other people or objects are just filled with large amounts of energy, why can’t I just “borrow” some, if my energy is always running out?  I closed my eyes and mentally levitated over these all people. I had to imagine I’m over them.

Then, the rest of process was well-known to me. I kept the sight of these people stil in my vivid imagination, and started to imagine I’m soaking up their energy, I’m sucking it from them…

I opened my eyes exactly the moment I would do it during previous “feasts”. And I felt even more dizzy than ever before. My eyes opened very widely, I could see in much wider angle than normally. I was sitting with my eyes opened like psychopath for over 5 minutes. I can’t imagine what the people could think about me, but it couldn’t be anything good.

Each time I steal energy it gives me a little “high”. Like after big bottle of beer. The large amount of energy may simply dissolve in blood and when the brain receives it, it affects it just like drug or alkohol. That’s my thesis. Weird and freaky, so it suits me.

So, It seems that not only people can store energy, but buildings too. Or maybe the buildings steal energy from us? That could be why we feel so exhausted in some places and energetic in other venues. But these questions will be likely never answered…


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