The truth beneath the rose

Long time not seen.

I’ve had a lot of things to do. A lot of things happened as well.

Recent days seemed rather normally. Some school, some hangout with friends, some beer etc.. But despite these absolutely normal events, there also were some… unusual. Looks like uncomonness is just permanently inscribed into my life, whether I like it or not. No matter if I’m just fed up with that; it doesn’t care about me.

Let’s get to the point I’ve made recently. The point about my, ok, let’s call it, a little unusual “powers”. I’ve examined them a lot recently.

I’ve gotten some intresting results. As noticed before, the uncomonness is probably the problem of my whole family. And maybe it can be inherited? Maybe.

But the most logical explaination for my weird skill is that people are just prone to become what they want to be. Like “vampires” really believe they are real vamps, who must drink other people’s blood. People who want to recover bounce back finally; and vice versa, if one doesn’t want to bounce back, they will probably develop another condition or deepen existing one.

So… following this hypothesis, I may have wanted to become a really unusual person. I’ve always considered myself to be doomed to exist among weirdos. That could also explain why I became a stranger too.

Ok, the past is not to be concerned about. I don’t care why I became the person I’m now. What is done is done. The fact is that can’t live without stealing energy everyday.

But it’s still better than sucking blood, isn’t it?

And, as I mentioned before, I examined my skills deeply and now I do believe it is possible. Even if I don’t receive pure energy, even if it’s only an illusion, a placebo, it’s still valuable, because it gives me a chance not to sleep at school 🙂

I need energy more than anyone else. Every day costs me a lot of energy. When my mates have a lot of power after school, I return home exhausted. All I want to do is to sleep.

And believe me, I can sleep long. Very long.

I’m not a mad Twillight or whatever fan who insists they have special powers. They even sharpen their teeth to look like fangs. I’m not one of them because I realise it can be a bullshit.

But it’s still a bullshit that let’s me live. Live like every other human.



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