Hey. My name is Jackie.

I used to think I’m a ordinary human. Like my parents. Aunts. Classmates. But I was mistaken.

My story is fully authentic, It’s not fiction. We experience too much fiction these days. I said to myself that I would create something unusual, but still real. And my story is so.

I wouldn’t call my life easy. Of course, probably 80% of people would say that their life is much worse that others. And I realise that many people have worse problems that I do. That seems normal.

But that’s not a point. I’ve always tried to be unusual. I’ve never done anything radical to ensure my uniqueness. But it seems it came just itself, without my noticing or willing.

And this uniqueness fits perfectly my problems. Problems that I won’t introduce you to. Not yet. Other people find various ways to cope with their troubles. Alcohol. Lame. Drugs. Lame. Cigarettes. Lame. Lame, because they are everywhere. Just look through window. I didn’t want to be like others. I don’t want it. I will never want.

One day I cut myself incidentally. The cut was dirty; I decided to suck it. That’s perfectly normal and automatical behavior. But in that point the normality runs out. Such was the smell of this blood; such was it’s taste, wonderful, mouth-watering… I found my uniqueness. Oh, that’s not whole uniqueness I have. But it’s one of most vital I own.

You may think I’m a vampire. I’m not. I can see myself in a mirror. Vampires don’t exist. And I’m not a radical thoughtless Twilight fan that wants to be just like Edward. That sucks.

You may also think I’m insane. Now you’re a little more right. But only a little.

Ok. That was a short introduction. I won’t tell you all my secrets at once. Let’s create just a little air of mystery. Goodbye.


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